Sample of Satirical Social Media Essay

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Risks Of Social Media – Pure Myths Or Harsh Realities? (Sample of Satirical Social Media Essay)


Social media can seriously add to one’s life experience. This is one of those places where you can lose the inhibitions, but also forget about some ethical considerations. Just like you have probably guessed already, this is not necessarily your top choice. However, a little education on social media will work wonders in the long run. Find out how it can actually affect you, but also learn about its impact over your life. You need to find that line between normality and deprivation if you truly want to enjoy the experience.

Sample of Satirical Social Media Essay

How Far Social Media Can Get

Whether you search for a nice pub, share a good restaurant or a bad store, your audience is not as small as you think. You might have 100 or 1,000 friends. The truth is that your audience is way bigger. This is because every move you make over the Internet will leave some footprints. Even if you use social media with professional or academical purposes, your information is still being collected without you knowing it. Large companies try to get an insight on everyday activities and lives. Just keep in mind that digging online aspects has helped large companies get some valuable information:

  • Microsoft has identified women exposed to postpartum depression
  • Facebook has studied interaction standards between parents and their children

The list is way longer than that and can seriously exceed your imagination. With these aspects in mind, most researchers scream “caution” from all directions.

Research Studies Proving the Laboratory Effects

If you think that social media networks are just some public spaces, you are wrong. In fact, they are, but to a particular point. After a thin line, most people end up in a behavioral laboratory that is constantly researched by scientists. The conclusion was drawn after a British study over 1,700 college users. Facebook has also made some of its research studies public. For example, more than 70% of all users have drafted one or more posts that were never published. Other than that, a more complex study over 400,000 users has shown the fact that parents and children become more communicative once they move out. Before that, communication slows down once children turn 13.

A study performed at the University of Vienna has come to the conclusion that about 50% of all people who left Facebook did it due to privacy issues. Facebook, Microsoft and other similar networks are trying their best to keep all these under control though. They are scared about potential legal problems, so they push to keep everything as private as possible. In fact, scientists agree that social media networks have privacy policies that must be read upfront. As a direct consequence, users have nothing to worry about.

  • No personal information disclosing
  • The possibility to keep posts and pictures private
  • Strict personal privacy policies


In the end, social media networks can be scaring at first. But then, what are you doing wrong? If you got nothing to be concerned about, a little common sense is everything. Do not keep everything public and never mention private details.

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