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Benefits Of Lifting The Ban Off Social Media Networks Within A Company(Persuasive Social Media Essay)


Social media can get addictive, no doubts about it. It is no surprise why so many companies are scared by it, so they block such websites from being browsed. They do not even allow their employees to go social on these networks. Believe it or not, Facebook was the most blocked website in 2010 – more “harmful” than torrent and illegal websites too. With all these, lifting the ban off social networks can certainly add to the company productivity. Of course, there is a fine line between success and failure, but the advantages of this move are never to be ignored.

persuasive social media essay

Considering Breaks and Productivity

Employees will always find a way to get some breaks. Some of them will go to the kitchen 10 times a day. Some others will check some online shopping websites or maybe the news. Some others will even smoke. In fact, the truth is that they should. There are so many research studies that you need to be truly ignorant to overlook the benefits of breaks – they improve the focus and productivity. Instead of doing all these, employees can just as well get online and check their social media profiles.

  • Communicating with friends
  • Checking some news
  • Discovering trends

All these things make them happier, but they also feel less restricted.

Connecting Employees

People consume information in different ways. They share it in different ways too. All these ways keep changing round the clock. Would you like to block some of the most informational websites over the Internet? Exactly! You would not! Emails used to be the main online activity years ago. Today, social media has taken over. If you think that your employees would only send pictures of their meals and cats, you should think twice. When used correctly, social media at work can have a huge impact over your business:

  • Sharing relevant industry content
  • Sharing relevant updates with colleagues
  • Improving relationships at work
  • Getting connected within the industry
  • Sharing information way easier in groups

Helping Brand Advocates Showing Some Love

What makes your employees gain excitement over social media networks? What do they do online? What do they read? What do they share? In many situations, the official page of a company is run by the human resources department. Sometimes, it is run by the marketing department. But then, there are no doubts that the involvement can go way farther than that. Believe it or not, your employees are probably your best brand advocates.

Many companies ask their workers to get online when they get home only, yet the connection can be way stronger when they jump into their profiles while at work. Why? Simple – they are in a business minded mode, so chances are they will share happenings and ideas in a business manner.


As a short final conclusion, lifting the ban off social networks within the company can become a good idea. Draw a line between taking a break and becoming abusive though, as you never know how far some of your employees might take it.

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