Sample of Argumentative Social Media Essay

Disclosing The Effects Of Social Media In Business ( Sample of Argumentative Social Media Essay)


Social media can become an excellent tool in the business industry, but also a powerful weapon against the competition. Just like you have probably guessed already, there will be plenty of skeptical people that simply choose to rely on classic marketing techniques. However, the benefits of social media go beyond the actual advertising.


Sample of argumentative social media essay

Getting to Know Your Audience

No matter what industry you are part of, knowing your audience is a must. Social media can be one of the best ways to do that. There are plenty of tools out there. Some of them come for free, while others must be paid for. Check your favorite bank’s profile or maybe your favorite library’s page. You will notice a level of interaction, as well as replies and the possibility to gather some information about the customers.

Some of the tools for social media research go even farther and provide exquisite statistics that may dramatically change your business model:

  • Dominant language of your visitors
  • Age category
  • Gender
  • Common hobbies and passions
  • Location

According to a few recent studies, these details are vital for the optimization of your marketing campaigns. You know where to go and what to do, but you also know the target audience Therefore, you can cater your products or services to this audience. The return on investment will be huge before you even realize it.

Finding New Customers

According to the British researchers, social media can help you find new customers. How? Simple! You can locate current customers, but also seek potential alternatives. For instance, if you come up with a coffee shop in the area, you can find people who love coffee by performing a geographical search to locate people talking about coffee in the neighborhood. These are your potential customers. Reach out to them. Drop a formal, yet friendly message and let them know about the new coffee shop, then invite them for a hot cappuccino for the next morning.

Of course, no matter what kind of business you deal with, spotting the right keywords associated to it and searching by them will reveal dozens or even hundreds of potential customers. Once you lure them in, the word will spread in no time.

Getting Instant Feedback

Social media networks allow you to get feedback right away. You can get it almost instantly if you post at the right times. Sometimes, it might be positive, but do not be afraid of critics either. They are constructive and can give you some details on the customers’ perspectives. Whenever you launch a new product, mention it and find out what your fans think about it. You can also ask how customers use specific products, only to tailor your products to their ideas and needs.

There are more benefits of social media in business though, including:

  • Improving market intelligence
  • Increasing traffic
  • Sharing content way easier
  • Generating leads for low costs


In conclusion, social media becomes a primary choice for any type of business out there – be it national, international, local, small or huge.

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